Plant Strong Update

So, other than a weekend full of falling off the wagon (my future mother in law makes the best potato salad ever and I had to try the yumbii fish taco), I got right back on this week. I actually lost 4 pounds already (healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week, so I’m on track).

It’s amazing how much better your body works when you provide natural fuel. After the initial fatigue wore off, I’ve been feeling great. Some things I’ve noticed:

-I feel better when I wake up in the morning.

-I actually feel hungry. Meaning, I’m better at listening to my body and its cravings. I eat when I’m actually hungry, not when I’m bored.

-I don’t really like fries anymore. With the exception of sweet potato fries, as long as they aren’t oily.  I think it’s just, anything that’s overly oily feels like it’s seeping out of my skin after I eat it.

-My skin is clearer.

-Migraines are less frequent.

-Body functions are, ahem, regular.

-Clothes are fitting better.

-I feel satisfied after eating, but not uncomfortably full.

I enjoyed a pita pocket of veggies for lunch, and now back to work!


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