Let them eat cake!

. . . and they will, at our wedding.

Dallas and I picked out our wedding cake today. Again, this was a task I thought would be difficult, but turned out surprisingly easy.

We are both cake lovers. I believe our passionate love for sugary icing is a strong bond in our relationship. It also turns out we have similar taste in the actual cake itself. We pretty much agreed on our flavor rankings during our tasting today. Except, that he likes carrot cake, and I really really don’t.

As I mentioned before, I’m a cake fanatic. When I was in elementary school, I went to a friend’s birthday party. Her parents were vegetarian, a concept I didn’t quite grasp at the time. They served a carrot cake for the party, and I was SO MAD. I went home and said to my mom, “They served VEGETABLE cake!?!”

Well, now I can appreciate what the parents were doing. BUT, to this day I don’t like carrot cake. Even this baker’s carrot cake, which was actually good, I just couldn’t get passed the texture. And that memory.

Our compromise was that Dallas could get his groom’s cake in carrot, and then we would pick our other two favorite flavors for the wedding cake. I’m not sharing our choice. That will come after the wedding. Don’t want to ruin it for the guests.

As far as design, I thought I wanted square shape, but as I looked through photos, I really liked round. So did Dallas. I knew we wanted black and white, and as we watched the baker’s wedding cake slideshow, I saw a gorgeous cake that was exactly what I had in mind.

Done and Done.

I mean, seriously, it’s cake. Taste is most important. Yes, it’s going to be beautiful in pictures, but then we are going to cut it up and eat it. So in the long run, we want it to be pretty, but I realized it wasn’t a decision to stress about. And it’s going to be SO YUMMY.

We are telling our wedding planner to make sure any extra cake is boxed up and sent to our room for the evening.




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