Stop What You Are Doing and Read This Post!

This post on Disease Proof really hit home, read it here:

We have a lot of genetic diseases that run in my family, that I think could be reversed or improved if we just ate better, collectively. A lot of those “I could never do that” items listed in red are fears of mine. I want to be a healthy, active adult. I want my family to be healthy.

When people find out that we are eating “plant strong,” I’m actually suprised at the number of negative responses we get. “You’re not eating MEAT?!?” “You’re not going to get enough protein?!?” “You need Calcium!!!” “What about Vitamin D!!”

The thing is, we really don’t NEED animal products. Now, I can’t say I’m going vegan, because, I have had a slice of cheese or something that was cooked with Milk when I’ve eaten out, but the majority of my diet is fruits, vegetables, other greens, legumes, and some grains.

I’m three weeks into this “experiment,” and it’s going to be a lifestyle change. Sure, it’s an exciting year, which will have some “cheats” but I’m suprised that:

1) I don’t miss meat AT ALL.

2)I don’t miss cheese AT ALL.

3) I don’t miss oil AT ALL (and actually, I really notice now when something has oil in it, and it ruins the meal).

4)I long for a leafy salad.

Last time I weighed, I was 4 pounds down. That was after two weeks (I don’t have a lot to lose to begin with). I only had one migraine, but it was during my “withdrawal” week after just starting. I’ll weigh again end of next week, and see where I am.


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