Big Apple

I’m heading up to NYC for a couple days for work. I might try to seek out some veggie restaurants, as I’ll probably have a little free time during the day.  Blogging will probably be minimal while I’m in the cold cold North.

It’s 80 degrees in Atlanta and it’ll be snowing in NYC. This is why I live in the south. Although, it’s fun to venture up North every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Big Apple

  1. Hi Rachel, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since we got your STD announcement. You have a lovely way with words! You will no doubt enjoy re-reading your pre-wedding posts in years to come! I am a fellow blogger myself … mostly family stuff but writing is great for the soul!
    We live in Hunterdon County, NJ .. 45 minutes from NYC. I hope you enjoy your trip to our part of the country this week. You’re right to be wary of the weather! We had snow yesterday and more is forecast for tonight and tomorrow! Since you’re just visiting and will soon return to your 80 degree weather it’ll probably be a fun novelty for you!
    Here’s a link to an interesting blog that might give you some restaurant ideas.
    We are very much looking forward to your wedding!
    Peggy Bloodworth
    (my husband, Charles, and Sally Peavy are first cousins!)

    1. Thanks Peggy! I’m in my warm hotel room avoiding the “wintry mix” right now! You’ll have to send me your blog link too!

      I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at the wedding. We are so excited to celebrate with everyone.


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