Back in Town

I seem to have brought the winter weather back to Atlanta with me. Whoops, sorry about that.

I’m ashamed to say what I ate in NYC for dinner. It was most definitely NOT plant strong.

I did have a wonderful lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar. I WISH we had one in Atlanta. I had the steamed buns with shiitake mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, and the Ginger scallion noodles. The bowl of noodles was HUGE. I can still taste them, they were soft and savory with hints of ginger and even more shiitake mushrooms, and I ate the ENTIRE bowl.

It was a whirlwind, fun work trip, and I’m exhausted. I’ll write a more substantial post later this week, I’m playing catch-up at work right now, and have a busy busy weekend ahead!

If anyone knows of any good noodle bars in Atlanta, please share. I think an obsession is forming. And at least I can pair it with lots of veggies 🙂


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