Veggie Kitty

I have a cat named Chubs.

Chubs – Cover Model


Chubs lives up to his name, and loves to eat. He is my first kitty, so the same mistakes parents make with a first child — I made them with Chubs. He’s a typical scaredy cat, afraid of his own shadow. BUT he’s so loving, and his favorite pastime is snuggling.

And he eats. Everything.

Among his favorite foods are peas, corn, and mashed potatoes.

Recently (on Tuesday), I discovered he also loves brussels sprouts.

I was eating some leftover sprouts for lunch, and chubs ran over and grabbed a piece, gobbled it down, and then looked at me like he was asking for more.

I never knew cats liked veggies. I guess Chubs wants to be plant strong.

*this post was brought to you by Codeine.*


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