Operation Bootcamp – day 1

I really thought I was going to die yesterday. Sadly, I suck at running, and when I run on my own, it’s more of a run/walk.

Well, when the OBC instructors say they will push you, they aren’t lying. I had to run a mile, no walking, and see how my time was.

It didn’t help that my friend Beth and I were the only one’s at the workout yesterday (and the rest of the group, joining today are OBC veterans).

Beth is in great running shape. I’m not sure what her time was, but after I crossed the finish line at 11 minues and 8 seconds, they had her doing lunges. No rest time for us.

After that mile, I was huffing and puffing (doesn’t help that I’m getting over a bad cough/cold) and I thought I might throw up for a second. But, I pulled myself together and survived day 1.

My PT results for Day one (to be compared to the final day):

Mile run: 11:08

Pushups: 6

Assisted pushups: 6

Sit-ups: 25

Tricep Dips: 29

I should take my measurements so I can compare those too.

I survived, onto day 2! Since it rained last night, it’s sure to be a muddy session.


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