The First Look

Today is day 5 of bootcamp, I’ll write an update of how the first week went sometime this weekend.

Today we had a great meeting with our wedding planner, event designer and the venue coordinator. Something that comes up a lot, is whether we are doing a “first look,” which is really popular nowadays in weddings.

I’m a traditional bride. I want the first time my groom sees me all dolled up to be when I’m walking toward him to get married. There is something about that moment that I really want to experience. Part of me really feels like I would be disappointed if we saw each other before that moment.

I’m also superstitious. I know it’s silly, but I am.

Even though it would be easier in terms of photos, all I really care about is that my bridal party and family have enough time to enjoy the cocktail hour. I think with good planning, we’ll be able to have our special ceremony moment AND keep our family and bridal party well fed.

Thanks again to those who commented for the Happy Herbivore Cookbook Giveaway. There is still more time to enter!


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