Onto Week 2!

Today, I start week two of Operation Boot Camp.

Week one was hard, I’m not going to lie. I cried on Friday it was so difficult. Also, I had a blister on my heel that was bleeding and hurting (sorry if TMI), but I kept going and I finished the workout.

I think my shoes were part of the problem. I was using my running shoes from 2008. Big mistake. Running/workout shoes should be replaced about every 6 months. Especially if you are running every day. So, my shoes were pretty much useless. I bought new shoes on Saturday and hope they’ll work better today.

I worked out over the weekend as well (we have “homework”), but I honestly didn’t push myself as hard because I was sore. But I still got in activity during the weekend, and ate MOSTLY good. The exception was Saturday, we were at a friend’s birthday party in Milledgeville, so there might have been a little bit of over-indulgence.

Because of Good Friday next week, we are doing another five day workout this week. The next two weeks will only be four days.

At the end of week one, I didn’t really see a huge change in my physical appearance. If anything, my stomach is a little bigger, because I’m building up ab muscles, but haven’t burned off the tummy fat yet. That’s kind of frustrating. I do see a change already in my arms.

They say by the end of week two, you can really start seeing the results. So here’ hoping that I look firm and toned by the weekend.


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