Veils, Fascinators and “Jane Fondas”

I got my veil and fascinator from Etsy yesterday! Woot!

The flower fascinator is beautiful, and the veil is a little birdcage veil. It’s a lot smaller than it looked online, but I also think I was putting it on wrong. I was also gross and sweaty after my workout, so I didn’t look very “bridal.”

I also got a matching ring bearer pillow with another pretty peony on it, with a little rhinestone center. This will all be very glitzy and glamourous.

I actually have TWO fascinators for the veil. One I pretty much got for free at the bridal store, and the other I fell in love with on Etsy. One is white, the other is Ivory. I’m not really sure what color my dress is. In some lights it looks white, in others it looks ivory. I think which flower I wear might be a game-time decision.

Meanwhile, I’m almost done with week two of bootcamp. The workouts are still hard. My favorite move is the “Jane Fonda.” Think of her workout videos, kicking your knees high up in the air while pulling down an imaginary bar with your arms.

We do a lot of running. A lot. But it’s kicking my ass which is good.

My mom always talked about the pain of giving birth as a “pain you forget,” which is why people have more than one kid. Well, bootcamp is that kind of pain. It’s horrible while it’s happening, but then after the workout you think, “I survived, that wasn’t so bad, I think  I’ll come back tomorrow.”

I both look forward to and dread the workouts each day. But, I find myself signing up for 5K (OK, the Pete the Cat finisher shirt is a big draw) and planning to attend OBC’s Free Workout Saturdays in May and June.

I’m thinking of doing another OBC session in July, which will only be three weeks, but it’ll be good to tighten up again before the wedding.

Yep, I’m crazy.


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