OBC: Last Day of Week 2

Today is the last day of week 2 of Operation Boot Camp. I think we might be working out in the rain today, as long as their isn’t any lightning. The weird thing is, I’m NOT hoping for a cancellation. I’d actually be really bummed if I couldn’t work out today. Weird, huh? Must be those exercise endorphins kicking in, I’m getting addicted.

Yesterday’s workout was really hard, but fun. It was basically a relay, with cones set up. We would spring to a cone, and then have to do situps in increasing increments at each cone. The next time through the course, pushups, and so on. The workout went by pretty fast yesterday.

Also, I’m noticing that I’m not as winded during the warm-up anymore. The first week I was huffing and puffing two minutes in. This week, I’m jumping up and down and shouting out “one, two, three, four” with vigor.

My favorite phrase from OBC is “Jack it Out,” meaning do jumping jacks through whatever pain you are feeling. I’m juvenile, so I always giggle when they say that.

My goal today is not to cry. I cried in last Friday’s workout. Real tears, streaming down my face. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen today, but they seem to go really hard on us on Fridays.

Homework for the week focuses on tightening our buns!


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