ohhhhh, we’re halfway there

Halfway through bootcamp that is!

Other than Saturday, it’s been really easy to stick to the diet plan. Having a group of people to work out with is a huge motivator. Myfitnesspal.com is also a great tool for counting calories and nutrients, and keeping track of food and exercise.

I’ve noticed by the end of week 2 that my stamina increased tremendously. I went on a run on my own again this weekend, and I actually enjoyed it and could have run longer, except the sun was going down.

I notice the muscle definition most in my arms, which is great for my strapless wedding dress. I was able to fit into my old pant size, although, I would still like to lose a little more in the tummy area. But this morning was the first time I started to see a hint of muscle definition in my stomach.

I’m going to commit myself fully to the final two weeks of bootcamp. They are short weeks, only four days, and luckily, there isn’t much planned to tempt me to cheat this next weekend. I’m also running a 5K on Saturday.

Once bootcamp is over, I’m going to start acting like I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, and put myself onto a 1/2 marathon running schedule. I might repeat bootcamp in July also.

So two more weeks and I’ll weigh myself, and measure myself and see what the final PT results are!


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