Not a DIY Bride

I admire brides that DIY their wedding. My cousin put on an awesome wedding that was largely DIY. She assembled an army of talented friends and family and we set up the ceremony and ballroom according to her amazing vision. She is awesome and probably the calmest bride I’ve ever seen. I, however, am not a DIY bride.

Maybe it’s because I’m in public relations and have quite a bit of event planning under my belt already, so it sort of feels like work. The thought of doing-it-ourselves for our wedding is frightening. Seriously, I’ve had nightmares. I wouldn’t be a calm DIY bride. I would be freaking out.

Luckily, I AM a really good delegator. And, thankfully, we don’t have to DIY for our wedding. We are assembling our own mighty army with a wedding planner, event designer, baker, etc. They will execute our vision, and I won’t have to worry about letter pressing 30,000 invitations or assembling 6,000,000 cute little individual gift bags of Hershey kisses (apparently, I’m planning the royal wedding).

A lot of the wedding blogs out there (cough, weddingbee, cough cough, style me pretty – both of which I LOVE btw) feature DIY brides. Incredible DIY weddings, with creative and artsy brides. I am neither visually creative or artsy (those talents went to my sister), which is why we are hiring an army to take my random adjectives I throw out and turn it into our lovely and awesome wedding (it will be epic, oh yes).

So, I’m focusing on the other fun things – like shopping for bridesmaids gifts, and accessories, and shoes. Oh, and moving into a new house next month!! Hooray!!

And, I’m on my last week of bootcamp! Just four more days. . .well, until I start another bootcamp on May 9.

I promise I’ll start talking about food again soon. I’m kind of holding out for our new kitchen, which will afford me the room and counter space to actually experiment with some plant-strong food items.


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