Almost to the finish line

Today is the last “workout” of Operation Boot Camp. Tomorrow is our final PT test, to show how we have improved over the past four weeks (I can’t believe four weeks have flown by!).

This week has been HARD. Yesterday’s workout included something called “suicides,” so that gives you an idea of the intensity.

I’m curious to see if doing week one workouts next week in the new session of bootcamp will be easier? I’m also curious to see if I shave any time off of my one mile run. Even when I run myself, I’m more of a believer in the run/walk method, where you plan walking breaks. So I’m never really continuosly running a full mile.

I’m also considering signing up for the Savannah Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. A friend is doing it and I think I might join her. It would be my second half marathon ever, and in a much flatter terrain than the first (San Francisco).