Chubs: The Children’s Book

Much like every other female blogger, I’m obsessed with The Pioneer Woman. Recently, she authored a children’s book about her dog Charlie.

I’m inspired to write a Children’s book now about our cat Chubs.

Look at those soulful eyes

Chubs is my first cat that was my sole responsibility. I adopted him in 2006, and then got him a sister in 2007. He’s about 5 years old now, and he lives up to his name. He loves to eat.

He’s also extremely photogenic, as illustrated above, and a little bit bipolar. He goes from snuggle mode to attack cat mode in a flash. He’s never mean, he just wants to play. . .very rough. We call it “kitty fight club time.” On the flip side, he does love to snuggle more than any cat I’ve ever met. If there is a lap to sit on, he’s on it. Especially if you are allergic to him, then you’re his favorite.

I think I could have a series of children’s books, where Chubs could teach an assortment of life lessons, like:

1) Portion control

2) Anger management

3) How to be play nice with your little sister

4)What to do when you’re scared

5)How to kill a cockroach (OK, maybe kids don’t need to know that one)

So if any of you can illustrate, let me know, and we’ll start collaborating!


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