Operation Boot Camp: PT Test Results

Yesterday was bootcamp “graduation!” We did our final PT test to see how much we’ve improved over the month. I made it through the mile run, only feeling the burn at the very end, which was all the way uphill. But, I saw great improvements!!

Mile Run time: Day 1 – 11:08; Day 30 – 9:48! Shaved about 1 1/2 minutes off my mile!

Pushups (for one minute): Day 1 – 6 regular, 6 assisted; Day 30 – 32 regular!

Situps (for one minute): Day 1 – 25; Day 30 – 30 (not a huge increase, but I kept better form since the first day)

Tricep Dips (for one minute): Day 1 – 29; Day 30 – 46!

I have not weighed myself yet, so I don’t know the pounds lost. I do know I’ve lost about 2 inches from my chest and at least an inch from my waist (I can comfortable zip up my smaller pants again!).

As far as other goals I had set for the month:

1)lose an inch from my waistline (check!)

2)Slim stomach and add some muscle definition (stomach is definitely slimmer, and starting to see a little bit of muscle back again!)

3)Shave minute of mile run (check, 1 1/2 minutes!)

4)gain muscle in arms and back (I’ve got guns!)

5) Have a “can do” attitude (sometimes, it was hard, but through yesterday’s mile run, I kept thinking “I can do this, I can do this.”)

6)drink more water (check! 8-10 glasses a day)

7)Perfect attendance (ALMOST perfect. Just missed one day due to an appointment, but I did homework)

8)Cut caffeine (I’ve only had 3 cups of coffee all month. Check!)

So, I have a little rest this weekend, and then back at in on Monday! I probably won’t blog about it as much. I’m only going three days a week because May is a busier month, but I’m excited about the improvements I’ve seen this month!


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