Worst landlord

What follows is a rant. I apologize, but I’m just so irked, and this is my blog, so I’ll post what I want:

In five (hopefully short) weeks, we will be free from my small shitty apartment.

I had the (dis)pleasure of meeting my landlord today, and I can safely say she is the biggest bitch I’ve ever met. She came into the apartment complaining about everything from the broken weather stripping to the cracks in her walls (neither of which are my fault). She scolded me for the state of the apartment – the problem is I have NO closet space, therefore nowhere to put anything, therefore all of our engagement gifts are piled in the middle of the floor.

Yes, the place is cluttered, but I’m sorry, it’s a teeeny tiny apartment, only big enough for one nudist. Seriously, no closet space, except for a couple of alcoves in the bedroom that happen to have clothing rods. You can’t event close the closet door on the one “closet” that actually has a door.

This place is for someone who will never be home, and who has very little in terms of personal items.

I remind you nice readers that I downsized from a rather large two bedroom to this teeny piece of shit apartment. So, sorry bitch. I have a lot of stuff.

I apologize for the rant, but her visit felt very intrusive. It’s not my problem whether she rents this place out or not. It’s her problem. Also, the general wear and tear on the place is her problem. She’s the landlord, not me. Maybe she should reconsider her position as a landlord.

I mean, it took this woman a MONTH to replace the bedroom ceiling. A MONTH. grr. argh.

I wish I could put her name out there and warn others against renting from her. I’ll be the better person though, and hope the next tenant has better luck.

I hope our new landlord is better, he already seems to be more responsive and responsible. I just can’t wait to be in an actual house that has many rooms. Seriously, this place could fit into the living room of our new place.


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