Calming down

I’m starting to calm down a little bit about the run-in with our landlord yesterday. Really, I just wish I had made a public complaint against her after the ceiling caved in — and it took her over a month to fix it.

The morning of the ceiling disaster, on the phone she said “you know this isn’t my fault right?!” Like, since she didn’t physically make the ceiling fall she wasn’t responsible.

That was a major red flag that I ignored. So that’s my fault. I should have sued her to get out of the lease at that point. Dallas told me at the time that I should have sued her, and I didn’t listen to him. For the record.

But, as  they say, hindsight is 20/20.

So I chose to quietly finish out the lease. The past six months flew by rather quickly and without much incident. I gave her more than the required 60 days notice that we would not be renewing. She is choosing to blame the fact that she can’t find a tenant on me. However, I have a hunch that even after we are moved out, she still will have trouble finding a tenant for the following reasons:

1) There are other units, with the same floorplan, for rent in the complex, for less money than she is asking.

2) She doesn’t live in the state. And is incredibly slow to respond to major maintenance requests.

3)  Her lease is truly ridiculous, I’m shocked I even signed it. I was in such a hurry to move, that I didn’t dispute it. But she has many parameters on the lease that are against Georgia law, and can be contested in court if she ever tried to implement them. Luckily, to this point she hasn’t.

4) There is no closet/storage space. At all. Period. You would have to be someone who has very little in the way of personal possesions, and maybe even lease an additional storage space for items.

5) she’s an incredibly rude, disrespectful, lax landlord. I pity the fool that moves in after me.

I think she lucked out completely getting me. I’m not sure how long her unit was for rent before the previous tenant (who moved out early from her lease).

I’m almost tempted to ask the previous tenant why she moved out.

So, I’ll keep my mouth shut when she shows the apartment to tenants. But they’ll just have to “visualize” the space full of boxes, because I’ve started packing.


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