Adventures in Moving

As you can tell, we are super excited to be moving. Like, counting the days. These are the things I’m most looking forward to in the new house:

-Kitchen: big enough for two (or three, or four!) people to be in at the same time. Enough counter space to cook everything fun, and enough cabinet space to store all our kitchen stuff. It even has two sinks if we decide to go kosher spontaneously.

-Space: 3 bedrooms, finished basement, huge backyard for hanging out and playing.

-A living room we can acutally live in, and move around in.

-Multiple bathrooms. This is exciting.

-Not living on top of, or below anyone.

-The potential to get a puppy.

I just emailed a mover for a quote. Yes, we are using a mover this time,we have decided. I’ve moved my stuff twice in the past year and helped with Dallas’ stuff twice in the past year. Four moves in one year is exhausting. Let’s make the fifth easy, breezy and fun by hiring someone else to move our stuff. Oh, and we majorly owe our friend some help with his move, since he participated in two of our moves, so we’d rather save our energy to help him out.

I’m also going to grab tons of boxes from my sister’s place, and we’ll start boxing up everything this month. No last minute packing with this move. We will be prepared and ready to get out of this 570 sq. ft. apartment ASAP.


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