Birthday Weekend of Eating

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I fully plan to take advantage of this fact and eat anything and everything I want. Well, at least tonight and tomorrow. I’ll get back on the eating right wagon on Sunday. . .unless we have leftover birthday cake.

I already splurged yesterday. My co-workers took me to Antico Pizza for lunch. Let me just say, lunch there is a much better experience. No crowds, calm, enough time to enjoy the pizza and relish in its perfect flavors of Naples.

Then, I went to bootcamp and sweat it off.

Oh, I also stopped at Sublime Donuts yesterday and picked up a few to celebrate Dallas’ return home from Pinehurst. He was working hard all week, and we LOVE us some sublime. Well, I only had a half of the reese’s donut, and then a bite of the s’mores donut. So I indulged, just not too much.

Saturday is chock full of plans. Kirkwood Spring Fling in the afternoon, family dinner at Fox Bros BBQ, then meeting friends for Dad’s Garage!

Let the birthday weekend begin.


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