Packing, moving, holding babies

Hi faithful five readers!

I’ve been a little slow on the blogging because we are busy preparing for our move (this week, yay!!!!) and I was visiting my adorable nephew yesterday.

He’s the cutest baby boy in the whole world, btw. Just thought y’all should know.

So, the teeny tiny hellmouth apartment is filling up with boxes. I made some margaritas to make packing more enjoyable.

I’ve got a three day week this week with the holiday and then a day off for the movers. I’m also going to brave the DMV on Tuesday AM to change my drivers license address and get my vehicle registered. This should be fun.

So, I’ll probably take a short break from blogging this week. Be sure to tune in for our home decoration pictures, stories about my baby nephew, and tales of eating in our new ‘hood.




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