TBEX ’11

I’m on my way to TBEX ’11. “What is TBEX?” you may ask. . .well, TBEX is a travel bloggers conferene.

I’m attending with my PR hat on and not my blogger hat, BUT since I also fancy myself a blogger (who also loves travel. . .and run-on sentences), I figured I’d blog about my weekend here.

So, right now, I’m sitting in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport (which has free wi-fi. I love airports with free wi-fi). I just completed a flight from Atlanta to Seattle, which was one of the worst flights I’ve been on in a while. Seriously, babies screaming, unaccompanied minors, obnoxious people who fart in front of me while they are waiting for the bathroom. . . basically like a carnival cruise in the sky.

Screaming babies don’t bother me. In my last job, I was traveling pretty much every week, so I learned to sleep through screaming babies. No. It’s the seven year old, who thinks he can’t form full sentences, who decided to try to cry louder than the screaming baby to get his mom’s attention, while also mimicking Linda Blair from the exorcist. I thought this kid was getting possessed by the devil on the airplane.

So, I de-boarded, got to my next gate, and ordered a glass of wine. stat.

At least the couple I sat next to were nice, and quiet.

So, I’ve got another hour in Seattle, and then I’m on my way to Vancouver.


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