Marathon Travel Top 5 List

Well, due to limited internet access and jam-packed days in Vancouver, I didn’t get to blog during the weekend. So, now I’m sitting on a five hour layover in Seattle. It’s been a long week and from last Sunday to today I’ve been from Atlanta to San Antonio to Atlanta to Seattle to Vancouver back to Seattle and on my way back to Atlanta. So while I’m waiting to check into the next flight, I decided to jot down the top five things I learned this week:

1. Vancouver is the friendliest and cleanest city I’ve visited thus far. Seriously, the nicest people, especially waitstaff and cab drivers.

2. Bloggers will really enjoy attending TBEX.

3. PR professionals will really enjoy attending PRSA’s Annual Travel and Tourism Conference.

4. It’s worth it to upgrade to business class on AirTran when flying across the country. Worth every penny. And it’s not that expensive.

5. The U.S. terminal in YVR is considered U.S. territory, after you cross through customs.

I did learn a lot more than just five things this week. I have pages and pages of notes from the two conferences I attended. I think my brain is a little full.


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