The invites are ordered!

It’s a little less than three months to our wedding day, and although we’ve gotten a lot accomplished, we still have a long checklist of things to get done.’s checklist is helpful, but I also feel a little stressed by the exclamation points next to “to-do’s” that I haven’t finished.

What’s left this month?

-Choose groom’s and groomsmen’s attire: We are getting this done this weekend.

-Purchase accessories for bride: I’ve got my undergarments (that I need to try on), Veil, shoes, flip flops for dancing, something old, something new. I still need, something borrowed, something blue, the sixpence for my shoe, garter, earrings.

-Schedule ceremony rehearsal and alert your attendants: OK, technically it’s scheduled. I need to alert my attendants. This is easy to do. I’ll do it this week.

-Book hair and makeup appointments: Well, hair is technically “booked” but I do need to set up a trial run. I need to find a makeup person also. Another item to do soon.

-Choose bridemaid’s accessories: Ooh, chosen! Ok, but not purchased. I can’t say what they are because they are part of the bridesmaid’s presents.

-Address invitations: When they get to me, I will address them.

-Schedule gown fitting: Need to do this. Also, need to go back to the gym now that my knees are feeling better.

-Order Ketubah: We’ve picked it out, just need to order it.

We get to taste food in a couple weeks and we are listening to our string quartet tonight. Very very excited!!



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