I don’t know how those adorable weddingbee girls do it. . .how do they have time to blog?!?

Between moving, work, wedding planning, and taking time to retain my sanity (i.e. spending Sunday sitting by the pool), I don’t have a whole lot of time for blogging. Let alone posting pictures of my wedding inspiration, cute photos of Chubs and Shiloh, and coming up with nuggets of genius to write about. *sigh* I’m only human.

So, you’ll be getting quick updates for the next few months. Since I last wrote:

-We picked out ceremony music. Our string quartet rocks. Seriously.

-We picked out the menswear. They will look dapper.

-I received the proposal from our decorator. I need to get back to him with some changes, but he translated our vision exactly how we wanted it.

-We tasted our menu. Our food rocks. Seriously.

-I made a dress fitting appointment and started exercising again. I can see I’ll be cutting out alcohol and sweets in August.

-I resolved my landlord dispute. She sent me a check. I deposited said check. Everyone is happy now.

-And. . .we addressed the invitations. Just waiting on some wedding stamps, and those babies will go in the mail!

For those who are counting, we are 67 days away. That’s a little more than two months!


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