Anxiety Dreams

I had my first wedding anxiety dream in a while. I had a bunch when we were in the thick of planning – usually it would be that I forgot to book a florist, or band, or photographer. Or that I showed up to the wedding on the wrong day. Or that I got so drunk that I blacked out and had no memory of my wedding day.

Then, when it was nearing my sister’s due date, I started having baby anxiety dreams. My sister would go into labor and I couldn’t get to the hospital. Or she would go into labor and no one told me she had the baby.

So once Brandon was born, all my anxiety dreams stopped. Wedding planning had slowed down, but we were busy moving, traveling, playing with the new baby.

Now, we are 54 days away from the wedding, and my newest anxiety dream is this:

For some reason, everyone shows up to our ceremony early. Like hours early. So we don’t want to keep our guests waiting, but my planner hasn’t arrived, my hair stylist hasn’t arrived, and I’m running around in a robe.

I think “what the hell, I’ll look pretty for our reception,” and we proceed to have the wedding, with me in nothing but a robe.

Then I remember that I never booked a makeup artist and that I told my hair stylist the wrong time. So I’m going to look horrible at my own wedding.

Yea, it’s nothing life shattering. And in the end I could do my own makeup and hair. Except that I’m unprepared, don’t have any makeup with me, and no curling iron in site. AHHHHH.

I wonder if Dallas has these dreams?

The funny thing is, I’m not nervous AT ALL about getting married. I’m excited to marry the love of my life and be able to call him’ husband.’  I’m just nervous about the planning process. It’s because I’m a control freak when it comes to events. But, in reality we have great vendors, who are all going to do a great job. I trust in them.

But the dream did remind me that I really do need to book a makeup artist.


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