25 days!!

Omg, 25 days! We are so excited, and ready to share in celebration with our friends, family and loved ones!

We are having a pretty traditional wedding, but today I wanted to talk about some “traditional” wedding components that we have decided not to incorporate:

1) The receiving line: I feel like this tradition is a little out-dated. Maybe I’ve blogged about it before, but it’s uncomfortable to make the wedding party greet a bunch of family and friends that they’ve never met before. No no, we’ll be making table rounds, taking pauses so we can stuff our faces with yummy food. But, we’ll say hi, we promise.

2) Cake topper: Our cake is too pretty to stick some a plastic bride and groom on top of it.

3) Weird garter tradition: We ARE going to do the bouquet and garter toss. BUT, we are NOT going to make the guy put the garter on the girl’s leg. It’s tacky, and could potentially be inappropriate if my 15 year-old cousin catches the bouquet and one of Dallas’ 30 year old friends catches the garter.

4) First look: OK, this is actually where I am traditional. I want us to see each other for the first time as I’m walking down the aisle. Not in some weird staged photo opp designed to save time.

5) Chicken Dance: or electric slide, or cha cha slide, or cupid shuffle, or any other group dance. Sorry. Those are all on the Do Not Play list for the band. Although, we will do Hava Nagila, because it’s fun to be bounced around in a chair.

Any tradition you nixed for your wedding day?


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