Myths and Lasagna

Happy Monday!

I promised a post about Vegan myths, but I thought I would let the “experts” dispel some myths and found a great article from the Washington Post about the top five vegan myths. Click the link to learn: is it expensive to be a vegan? Are you still manly if you are a vegan? and, BUT, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?!?!!? (The top question of vegans).

There is a lot of good reading out there. See my previous post about transitioning for ideas. Also, just use the power of google and you’ll find loads of articles and research.

I throw around the term “vegan,” but I really can’t call myself a vegan. It’s an easy moniker to use, because most people don’t realize that vegans are Vegan about their whole life, from what they wear to the household products they buy, to reducing the amount of trash they produce.

I’m “plant-strong” or “veganish” or just an herbivore. But I’m of the belief that everyone starts somewhere, and if you cut out animal products, you are leaving less of a footprint on this earth. I’m not perfect, I’ve made stumbles, but I’m trying and committing myself to this.

But, let me step off of the soap box and tell you about DINNER. Tonight I made Happy Herbivore’s Lasagna Rolls and they were delicious. I even took my own photo for once!


It’s super easy to make. The tofu mixture tasted just like ricotta. I love the single portions, it makes for a good lunch (or repeat dinner) the next day! Also, I’m completely addicted to Daiya “cheese” now.  We had Mellow Mushroom yesterday and they carry Daiya too!

I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. And instead of mixing the spinach in with the tofu, I just place the spinach leaves on top of the mixture on the noodles. Bon Appetit!




3 thoughts on “Myths and Lasagna

  1. Thanks for the link on myths.. it was really interesting! And that lasagna looks so good, the Happy Herbivore is one of my favorites!

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