Vegan Red Wine

It’s been a hectic week. I HAVE been cooking, but again, I suck at taking photos.

Last week was sort of “Indian” week in our household. I made a lot of HH recipes including the Red Lentil Dal which is super easy and yummy. Tonight, it’s Italian with spaghetti and meatless balls (I just giggled typing that).

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at the Kosher Kroger, which is the most awesome Kroger in the city. (Sidenote: we like to name our Kroger grocery stores in Atlanta. There’s kosher kroger, disco kroger, hipster kroger and the famous Murder Kroger – it has its own dedicated Facebook group). Kosher Kroger has an insane organic section, and I find I spend most of my time and money there. Well, I’ve been looking for organic and sulfite free wine, since the sulfites give me migraines, and I found this brand called Our Daily Red.

Our Daily Red
Our Daily Red

It’s also vegan-friendly! It’s a simple red table wine and very affordable (I think I paid $7 or $8 for it). The makers, Orlean Hills Winery, also has a full line of reds and whites, but I haven’t found them in Atlanta yet. I’m guessing Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s carries this brand.


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