So we “came ou…

So we “came out” about going vegan to our families over Thanksgiving. Here were the reactions:

Family member 1: You’re not going vegan, are you?!?

Me: Well, yes, actually we’ve been eating that way already for quite sometime.

Family member 1: Oh. Well, I guess I usually eat pretty vegetarian, but I still crave meat.

Then later on. . .

Family member 2: You need to make sure you get enough protein. and calcium.  and calories. Can you still eat bread?

So, as you can see, they were accepting, but a little confused as to what the heck we can “still eat.” 

It’s a pretty common misunderstanding, that vegans are “depriving” themselves of food items and nutrients. I thought much the same thing for a very long time. Actually, I find quite the opposite now and I’ve enjoyed a much more varied and exciting diet since embarking on this adventure.

I found this great “how-to guide to going vegan” article today that explains a lot of these myths about protein and calcium: 

On protein: As for protein, Barnard says, “even if you ate nothing but pasta, you’d actually get enough protein. The Dieticians of Canada did a report on nutrition on a vegan diet and they said that as long as you’re getting the beans and grains and vegetables, the protein comes along with it. Broccoli is 30 per cent protein!”

I’m sure we’ll still have lots of education (for both ourselves and our families). Maybe someday “vegan” won’t have such a scary meaning for “nonvegans.”


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