Planning a Vegan Chanukah

So Chanukah is a big deal in my family. It is THE EVENT of the year, well, other than Thanksgiving. Chanukah is like the Oscars of our family holidays.

Every year, my mom makes her killer latkes and brisket. My dad dresses up like Hannukah Harry (which my husband has not experienced yet). We exchanges A LOT of presents. And we eat A LOT of food.

Well, this year, Hubbers and I are hosting Chanukah at our house. And it’s gonna be a (mostly) vegan chanukah.

It’s mostly vegan, because my mom is still making brisket and the Latkes sadly have egg in them. I’ll see if I can convince my mom to try an egg replacer, but this is an old recipe, handed down through the generations (I don’t acutally know that, I’m probably just making that up) and change is difficult.

However, I’m planning on making a main course for the non-beef eaters and ALL of the sides will be vegan. My brother-in-law is making non-vegan pies (he’s very against this change we’ve made), but we’ll also have another vegan dessert (The cherry pie from Sevananda is damn good. I might have to get one of those).

We’re going to have 15 people in our small dining room, so wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Planning a Vegan Chanukah

  1. Aw, I love this post! I was pretty involved in the Jewish Student Union while at seminary and one of my closest friends was a Rabbinical student (now at Washington Hebrew in DC). He wasn’t vegan, but he and I worked together to make events vegan-friendly. I have a great latke recipe from a vegan Jewish friend that we used and I’d love to share with you!

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