The Loving Hut – A Review

Last night our vegan potluck group decided to try The Loving Hut. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, as it’s one of the few ALL vegan restaurants in the city. so in liue of cooking, we all decided to enjoy a night out together.

It was a weird night.

First, as we were leaving, we realized that our basement was slowly flooding. So Dallas had to take care of that mess while I tried to get my big pup to go to the bathroom in the pouring rain (he didn’t).

We finally arrive at The Loving Hut and were greeted by our friends, who were patiently waiting for us before they ordered.  He’re my short synopsis of our experience:

1) The restaurant is a national/international chain, but each menu is unique to the area in which the restaurant is located. However, it seems this concept was put together by a woman who has deemed herself the “supreme master.” Now – I try to have an open mind, and her message is a good one (don’t eat animals, create world peace, etc.). But the ambiance of this place was weird.

2) During dinner, you can watch “Supreme Master TV,” which I’m guessing is whatever she is watching on her TV at home, because we saw scenes from The Bodyguard, scenes from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, footage of seals being clubbed (I mean, really? We are already there, eating vegan food, I think we are already against animal cruelty) and footage of the supreme master herself with her dogs and birds.

3) The service, on this particular visit, was lacking. Now, I will say that our waiter was still in training, so maybe that had something to do with it. I usually read that they have good service there, so since it was a first visit, I’ll give this a pass.

4) Our friend ordered a wonton soup, which had two bugs floating in it. That was kind of gross.

But on to the rest of the food, which was good:

We started off with the crispy dumpling (with tofu, onions and soy protein). We ate most of them before I could snap this picture.

Then, we enjoyed a bowl of (bug-free) wonton soup.

Finally, I had the BBQ Spring Noodles, which were very yummy, and I ended up sharing them with Dallas, since he didn’t get his entree right away.

Our friends, the Luminous Vegans also gave us some holiday yummies!

So overall, it’s a good restaurant to try. I don’t know if I would go back, unless I was already in the area. But, it was a fun trip.


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