12 Vegan-Friendly Eateries to Try in 2012

As an addendum to my 30 resolutions, I’m also resolving to try one new vegan/vegan friendly restaurant per month. This year, I’d like to try (and I know, I’m ashamed I haven’t been to some of these places, but hey, I’m a new veg):

1. Ria’s Bluebird

2. Stone Soup Kitchen

3. Park Grounds – River really wants to try it too. He loves the dog park.

4. Dulce Vegan

5. Lov’n It Live

6. Sauced

7. Queen of Sheba Ethiopean

8. Thinking Man Tavern

9. Soul Veg

10. Evos

11. Broadway Cafe

12. Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe (ok, it’s not an eatery, but it’s like a Vegan Mecca of shopping. So it counts)

What are your favorite Vegan/Vegan Friendly restaurants in Atlanta? Any to be added to our “Where Can a Vegan Eat?” List?


One thought on “12 Vegan-Friendly Eateries to Try in 2012

  1. Hey hey! I would say put a fine dining location on there, like Woodfire Grill (Chef Kevin does a full vegan tasting menu) or Asha Gomez’s Cardamom Hill. Cardamom Hill costs about as much as Sauced for dinner, but Woodfire Grill will put you back a fair bit more. I noticed in a previous post that you’re working hard on budgetting, but unless you’re a practicing Jehovah’s Witness you can splurge on a birthday, holiday, or special event! 🙂

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