Product of the week – Ode to Amy’s

I’ve decided every Friday, I’m going to feature a vegan product that I love. It’s a way to get me to branch out and try new things.

Today, I want to focus on Amy’s No Cheese – Roasted Vegetable Pizza. It’s my go-to meal on nights when I don’t feel like cooking, or when the hubby works late and comes home hungry.


I don’t feel the need for “cheese” on this pizza, because the sauce is so sweet and it only enhances the flavor of the veggies. My husband doesn’t like mushrooms, but he’ll devour this pizza.

I also recently found out that my Kroger ALWAYS has this pizza on sale -usually a good $3 cheaper than what you would find at Whole Foods or any other Kroger. So I usually stock up when I can.

Check out the last scene of the “More $#!& Vegans Say” video, and you’ll know what I look like when I go to buy this pizza.

I’m on a search for their vegan Margherita pizza. Anyone seen it or know who carries it in Atlanta? I LOVE Margherita, and have missed it since going vegan. Of course, I could make it myself. . .



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