Hi loyal readers (I think we’re up to 10 now, so thanks for reading!) –

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m currently battling a nasty cold (hopefully not flu). Whoever said Vegans don’t get sick was a big giant liar.

Before the sickness came (i.e. last weekend), we took River to Parkgrounds. For those not familiar, Parkgrounds is a coffeehouse/cafe in Cabbagetown that happens to have a dog park attached to it. They also have a vegan friendly menu, which is a plus!

So on Saturday, we put our big pup in the car and headed over for brunch.

We ordered two vegan breakfast burritos, which had tofu scramble and hashbrowns, wrapped in a spinach tortilla. The burritos were great and came with a side of salsa and guac! And of course, we scarfed them down before I could snap a picture, but let our empty plates be a testament to the yumminess.


Parkgrounds has an outside patio where we could sit and eat, while supervising River in the dog park area. It’s a pretty small fenced in area, and with a big dog like ours, he didn’t have a whole lot of room to run. Also, part of the fence was shorter and made of wood (instead of chain link). River could have easily jumped it if he wanted to, but he seemed more interested in marking the fence than jumping over it.

Also, some of the owners were bad about picking up after their dog “did their business,” so that was a little frustrating. I also think a few owners dropped their dog in the park and then ate inside, which I think is a big no-no. I mean, would you leave your kid on a playground unattended? But, I’m not sure there is much management could do about either of these issues. They have posted rules, it’s up to the customers to abide by them.

River runs through it.

However, Parkgrounds is a great place to grab brunch/lunch, a coffee, or even a drink and be able to take your canine companion along. River had fun, and we enjoyed our meals and coffee. I’d definitely go back sometime, but as far as a regular dog park, it’s a little too small for our big pup.

If you have a big dog, that needs some room to run, I definitely recommend Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody. It’s close to Brookhaven. It’s a four acre park that is really well kept and run. River LOVES going there. He usually finds some pups to run with, and then spends an hour playing chase around the park. The dog owners all seem really friendly too.

OK, time for bed.


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