What’s for dinner this week?

I’m kind of a obsessive compulsive budgeter now. I have a monthly budget that I break down by every two weeks. This budget includes our food budget for the month.

So, each saturday morning, I plan our menu for the week. I used to try to plan 2 weeks of dinners, but I found that our schedule changes so much it’s hard to plan that far in advance. I grocery shop once a week, usually on saturdays, and it’s been pretty easy to manage the budget this way.

I keep breakfast simple with cereal and rice milk. Lunches are usually leftovers, or I budget to get something from the food court (usually Willy’s since they have vegan friendly options) every now and then.

I usually cook dinner, unless we have plans to go out, or I just don’t feel like cooking, but we are trying to cut back on eating out a lot. I think we are doing pretty good.

So, this is what’s for dinner this week:

Sun – Chana Palak Masala (Happy Herbivore Cookbook)

Mon – Lasagna Rolls

Tues – leftovers (I have Yoga and Dallas works late)

Wed – Eat Out

Thurs – BBQ Beans & Rice (because the pantry is getting low on items, and this is yummy)

Friday – D has plans. I’m babysitting my adorable nephew. I’ll figure out something to eat at my sister’s house.

Saturday – Grocery shop and figure out another week of meals!


How do you plan your weekly meals? What systems work best?


4 thoughts on “What’s for dinner this week?

  1. I am on such an obsessive budget, too (like, I meant to pick up a few odds and ends at the grocery store tonight with a plan in mind to only spend $25 and I spent $65–whoops!) so I totally operate the same way. I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost every day and I bring leftovers of whatever I cooked the night before to work for lunch. I try to cook nightly because I’m a newish vegan and I haven’t figured out many places where I can eat out (plus who can afford it!). Failsafe plan: if I have no leftovers to bring for lunch, PB sandwich and some fruit or a small fresh salad. 😀

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