Finding Balance

On Tues/Thurs I’ve been taking Yoga classes with Tough Love Yoga.

I started practicing yoga when I was 16, but haven’t continuously stuck with it because, well, life happens. It pains me sometimes to think how good I might be at yoga if I had practiced continuously for 14 years.

I always come back to yoga. It’s the one exercise that keeps me sane. I also have been in the best shape (and yoga gives a nice shape too) when I’ve done yoga and pilates. I can run 3000 miles and not get the same benefits that I get from yoga. Yoga is calming. It keeps me focused. It gives me perspective and puts what’s important into perspective. And, it gives me a nice booty.

They offer a bikini bootcamp, which is what I’m taking now. So if you are in the Atlanta-area, check them out. I love our instructor, Neda. She’s awesome, in great shape, and super motivational. She’s a good mix of fun and serious and is definitely concerned with us getting the poses correct, so we don’t hurt ourselves and so we get stronger.

They practice at RAW Bronzing (awesome organic bronzing btw in Inman Park) and Young Blood Studio.

Check them out!


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