Shameless Plug for Music Lovers

So, I don’t do this often on my blog, but this is a project that is near and dear to my heart.

My husband plays drums in the band New Terminus here in Atlanta. They have recorded an AWESOME new album, which they would like to release to the masses on vinyl. They have started an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to make this dream happen.

Look at those faces, how could you resist donating?

From the band:

Your donations will help us realize the dream of releasing our album on vinyl. Some of you remember the feeling of listening to warm vinyl crackle. It’s fun. It’s physical. It’s real and something you can hold in your hand. There’s no denying the convenience of digital music, but we want to produce something tangible and personal as well.

 With your help, we will be able to recoup the costs of pressing the new album on vinyl and use any profits from the sales to help fund touring and future recording.

Check out their indiegogo page here:

They have a lot of old (but still good) songs on their website. To hear newer tunes, check them out on Saturday, March 3 at the Drunken Unicorn!

I hope you’ll all consider donating.



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