Ich bin ein Vegan Berliner

translation: I am a vegan jelly donut

I’m heading to Berlin the second week of March for work. I’m super excited!! I was also excited to do a little research and find that there are A LOT of vegan-friendly options there. I hear the public transit is good, and I’ll have a couple days to explore at the end of the trip.

So, send me suggestions! Have you been to Berlin and have a favorite vegan stop? Have you hear rave reviews about a vegan place in Berlin from friends?

I’ll try to be really good about taking photos while I’m there and have a good travelogue of food!

Thanks for your suggestions!


7 thoughts on “Ich bin ein Vegan Berliner

  1. No suggestions here as I’ve never been–but this sounds AMAZING!!! have an awesome time! I think I read somewhere that most (if not all) German beers are vegan because they don’t use any of that ridiculous fish bladder nonsense for filtering. I’m too lazy to factcheck but if that’s the case, drink lots of beer!

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