Vegantine’s Day!

So yesterday was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and the first as Vegans! The day started at 2 a.m., when D got home from work and brought me some beautiful flowers and a sweet card. I didn’t get a good picture, but I assure you, the flowers are beautiful (red roses, white lilies).

For lunch, I made a trip over to Kirkwood to Dulce Vegan to get some vegan treats! I chose chocolate, vanilla and Oreo cupcakes. Of course, we demolished the chocolate before I could get a picture. These cupcakes are AMAZING. I brought some back for my non-vegan co-workers, and one even said she liked these better than “regular” cupcakes.

Vanilla and Oreo from Dulce Vegan

 I also grabbed a sandwich for lunch while I was there. I got the TLT (Tempeh “Bacon,” Lettuce, andTtomato). Did I like it? I’ll let the picture speak for itself, but again, I devoured almost the whole sandwich before remembering to grab a photo.

TLT from Dulce Vegan

Last night, D and I went to Wrecking Bar Brewpub for dinner. It was the perfect V-Day spot – not too crowded, quiet, great ambiance and great beer. We both had the Seitan Gyro Wrap with Kale, Fries and Brussels Sprouts. All super yummy. Forgot to get photos. Whoops!

River shows some V-day love
Then we came home, ate another cupcake and went to bed. A perfect Vegantine’s Day!

9 thoughts on “Vegantine’s Day!

      1. very cool! I live in Buckhead and work at the Gwinnett Chamber- there are tons of Vietnamese & Korean restaurants up there with great vegan options- I just took my first trip to Mega Mart in Duluth- its seriously a treasure! Awesome for vegans. 🙂

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