Daiya WEDGES!!!!

I was flipping through the latest issue of VegNews and saw this advertisement:

Daiya Cheese Wedges!!!!

I am super excited for these! I’ve been trying to find a good vegan cheese in block form that I could serve sliced with crackers. In my omnivore days I would sometimes just have red wine and cheese for dinner (this was also in my single days).

If Daiya wants to send me some, I’ll happily review it 🙂

Anyone else as psyched about this as I am?


11 thoughts on “Daiya WEDGES!!!!

  1. Definitely. I bought a 5lb block of Daiya a while back and it made the most spectacular grilled cheese, tomato and basil sandwiches… this looks even more enticing.

      1. I buy them from Vegan Essentials and then slice into 2 inch thick pieces and freeze in zippered sandwich baggies. It withstands thawing once very well and twice… not so well. I find they’re a good value versus the shreds even including shipping.

  2. I wish I liked vegan cheese. 😦 I used to be such a big fan of cheese (cheese was always my only excuse for not going vegan–“but I LOVE cheese!”). I’ve tried Daiya and it was okay but I put a little too much on my pizza once and it kind of made me feel sick, which is weird because I can’t imagine what would be in it to cause that kind of reaction. I tried Teese (a Chicago Soydairy product that I’m not sure is sold everywhere) because people were raving about “mac ‘n teese” but I was just… not satisfied. I have a package in my fridge that I think is just gonna go bad because I have no desire to eat it. What is wrong with me!?! #cheezewoes.

  3. Re: Dr. Cow’s, I hope you like them or at least you aren’t mad at me if you don’t like the value or product itself. The dulse, kale and hemp seed varieties are my favorite. I occasionally have some with crackers and a glass of wine.
    Re: Daiya, I agree, the big orange-yellow block is comforting and familiar. I can eat it sliced and it tastes right and the texture is firm if a little airy, like it was whipped before it solidified… if that makes sense. I think it’s better for cooking than solo. I hope you get to try it before committing to the 5lb behemoth.

    I sample a lot of vegan cheeses. I could go on all day about the varieties I’ve tried and been weirded out by. I’m about to tear into some Heidi Ho chipotle cheddar and several varieties of Ste. Martaen. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  4. I must have missed this in my issue but I’ll have to check it out. I stumbled on to someone’s blog awhile ago and she had made all these homemade vegan cheeses in solid form and they looked amazing! I bet the Daiya one is good.

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