Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine

On Friday, D and I went with our parents to a screening of Forks Over Knives. My parents had seen the film before (and my mom even went Plant Strong!), but we were interested in learning more about the venue of the screening – Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Jennifer Rooke is a plant strong MD. They have a 6 week Lifestyle Intervention Program that helps transition patients to plant strong eating and teaches them how to cook in this new way. Students come together for weekly session on food, exercise, and even meditation.

It’s exciting to have a doctor and practice like this in Atlanta. My mom is thinking of signing up for the next program, which starts March 1. If she does, I might have to ask her to do some guest posts for me :).



8 thoughts on “Atlanta Lifestyle Medicine

  1. What a cool idea! I loved FOK. It convinced my bf to eat less meat/dairy for, oh… 24 hours. I wish he could match the benefits he recognizes with the diet plan to his actual habits. That is awesome about your mom!!

    1. It was definitely a transition for us, we didn’t stop eating meat overnight like my mom did. We started by not having meat/dairy in our home, and then stopped eating it all together. My mom just went cold turkey! She’s an inspiration.

      1. That is awesome. I had no issue giving up meat both of the times I’ve given up and since giving up dairy, I honestly haven’t missed it…but my bf is another story. He has said he could never be a vegetarian, much less vegan, mostly bc he just doesn’t like healthy foods. He grew up eating a really processed diet and none of the kids in his family like veggies at all. He tolerates a few veggies but mostly when he eats, he picks around all the produce and focuses on the grains and meats. It’s hard to try to teach him that that is bad without coming across as psycho-vegan. He already told me he feels like I judge him a little bit. That was no fun to hear. đŸ˜¦

      2. Yea, my in-laws don’t really agree with our vegan diet. We’ve tried to educate them, but they are stuck in their ways too. We try to lead by example. Unfortunately, it’s hard to change people once they have their mind made up.

  2. Sigh. I wish my parents would at least SEE the movie! I recommended it to them, of course, but so far they’ve resisted. They live in Caldwell Esselstyn country (Cleveland) for goodness sake! Great that your parents – and especially your mom – are so open-minded!

    1. I was really surprised (and pleased) that the movie impacted my mom so much. She suffers from a lot of the same health problems depicted in the film, and she would rather live her life free from medication. I’m so proud of her!

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