George – the outdoor kitty

There’s something about me that you should know. I’m a sucker for animals, especially stray animals. D and I have three animal companions, who are featured regularly on the blog.

Chubs and Shiloh are two kitties I rescued in my early-mid 20’s. Chubs is older by a year, and he started to feel lonely and have some separation anxiety when I would go to work, so I adopted Shiloh to be a companion for him. He spent the first three days hissing at Shiloh, and then they fell in love.

Kitten Love

When D moved into an apartment in Inman Park, that’s when the stray animals of Atlanta caught wind of our compassion. First, we were adopted by our sweet Willie Nelson (we miss him every day) and then seemed to become pied pipers for the neighborhood strays.

Then we adopted River boy, our gentle giant. Chubs bosses him around, and poor River is usually whapped in the face daily by Chubs. Chubs is kind of mad we got a dog. River steers clear of Chubs, but he and Shiloh seem to have an understanding.

So now, a couple of weeks ago, a little orange and white kitty started hanging out on our back porch. He looks a little rough-and-tumble although, he seems to eat well. He’s not to keen on letting people close to him, but he’ll sit behind a stump and watch us from afar.

See that white blur? That's George.

He seemed to visit daily (sometimes nightly, sleeping on our porch). We started putting food out on the porch for him, and named him George.

I’m not really sure what to do. It seems we now have ourselves an outdoor kitty cat. I don’t want to call animal control, because they’ll probably just put him down since he seems to be feral. It’s not super cold outside, so I’m not too worried about the cold. And, it seems he’s already survived his fair share of scuffles, so I think he can take care of himself. Hopefully we’ll gain his trust eventually, but in the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for our outdoor kitty.




2 thoughts on “George – the outdoor kitty

  1. I’m a total sucker for animals too. We had family friends who took care of a stray for years and years and years. They put food in the garage and he slept inside during the winter. He was an awesome cat, but they already had two of their own so they didn’t techncially adopt him–but they cared for him just the same and he lived a happy, full life–he might actually still be alive for all I know. I volunteer for a shelter once a month and I’ve fallen in love with two cats since I started in August…it’s hard to not adopt them, especially because one has been there five months and quite possibly will never get adopted. It tugs at my heart strings!!

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