What Not to Wear

I’m trying to incorporate veganism into other parts of my life. I am slowly transitioning the bath products, and making sure that everything new that I buy is cruelty free. Now, I want to start to do this with clothes.

I used to eat meat. I have a leather jacket (that I’ve owned for about 10-15 years). I’m sure I have some shoes made out of leather.What do I do with these things? I can’t really afford to donate my wardrobe and buy a new one.

I’m planning to keep and wear everything I have, donate the things I no longer need so that someone in need might be able to use them. I think shoes will be the easiest transition, so I’m going to start there.

Sites like TOMS and Zappos have vegan/synthetic shoes available, and they are really cute.

Casual wear will be easy to buy used clothes or vegan materials. Business attire is going to be a little more tricky.

Anyone else transitioned their wardrobe? What did you do? How did you do it?


11 thoughts on “What Not to Wear

  1. I’m in the transition phase as well. I agree with your sentiment completely–I have plenty of wool sweaters and leather shoes and it’s not going to help anybody (especially not my wallet) to replace them all. I’m kind of using everything until it’s time to let it go. Why should I throw away a $100 wool sweater I got as a gift? Or $100 boots that were a gift? I’m trying to be very conscious that the cosmetics I buy are cruelty-free and I’m in constant search of vegan footwear, but I know it’s not going to be easy. It may be lazy, but I’m of the opinion that even small baby steps are helpful. I may not ever have a completely vegan wardrobe, but at least I’m aiming to. That’s more conscious than most consumers, and I think it deserves props. Good luck! And please share any awesome products you do find, we’d all love the tips!

  2. Yay! I like this next step. I am also slowly replacing my leather shoes & bags and wool sweaters & coats and such as they wear out. I agree it makes no sense to throw out a perfectly good wool sweater: it’s not going to un-torture the sheep the wool came from, but I have returned leather Christmas presents and exchanged them for vegan ones, hoping that it would contribute to demand for vegan items. I’ve found brands that I like and can ‘trust’ will be vegan or have a vegan option and look there first when I need a replacement. Amrita Singh, Matt and Nat, and Big Buddha make really cute durable vegan bags. Simple (casual, athletic), Rebels (stylish winter boots, flats and heels), Onitsuka Tiger (athletic/casual) Melissa ( hip flats and heels), and Madden girl are easy to find and are all vegan or have many good vegan options. http://www.rawganique.com/ has awesome hemp business suiting, worth every penny. I check sample sale sites for EcoSkin and other beloved brands pretty regularly. Definitely share any brands you find that you like.

  3. My wardrobe transition wasn’t too difficult b/c I never wore wool to begin with b/c it made me itch like crazy and I only had a few leather shoes that were so old and beat up that I didn’t really mind parting with them, so I don’t have much advice to give but I just wanted to say that this is sooo awesome that you are doing this!

    If someone tries to call you out on your old non-vegan stuff (there’s always that someone trying to call a vegan out on how “vegan” they are), just tell them its pleather 🙂

  4. when i first went vegan, i thought i’d use my leather things for a while, but it didn’t turn out that way. the awesome shoes & bags (fluevogs *sniffle*) i ebayed. i sold a bunch of shoes in a lot on craigslist. and then donated the rest. i also ebayed a purse and jacket and used the proceeds to buy vegan stuff. i still have wool items that i use and will keep using until they wear out. almost all of them are vintage anyway. i tell myself that the horrendous mulesing procedure wasn’t in wide use when these items were made. 🙂

  5. It’s funny how we are going through somewhat parallel changes, but for different reasons. I am starting to switch out cosmetics and things again too. I have gotten really psycho about parabens again, especially for the baby, and am looking to go back to chemical free. I had done this a couple years ago, but then we started penny pinching and couponing, and, well, I bought what I had coupons for. I also tried just about every non-aluminum deodorant (tied strongly to breast cancer) and found none of them did any good. So I went back :0 I can’t tell you how many days I have spent researching disposable diapers trying to find one without SAP, among other chemicals, and it just doesn’t exist. I am physically ill that I have to use them, but I bought the least damaging ones I could find. ❤ my cloth more after the reading I have done. I can't believe anyone would use the big name brands.

    As for clothes, I have always been mostly cloth (and poly, I am sure), shoes aside. I have always shied away from leather. But I have really never had a problem with wool :/ But I don;t think I have much of it. Maybe a jacket or two. I think, like my cosmetics, you move ahead according to your ideals, and replace as needed. You know, I could run out and replace all my appliances and cars with energy saving earth friendly, etc, but if I am not using up what I already have, I am doing more harm than good, I think.

    Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

  6. I’m still learning how to fully transition to vegan clothing & cosmetics, I see this post & its comments very useful! So far I’ve relied on “Madden girl” for shoes and “Nature’s Gate” hair products.

  7. I’m still learning how to fully transition to vegan clothing & cosmetics, I see this post & the comments very useful! So far I’ve relied on “Madden girl” for shoes and “Nature’s Gate” for hair products.

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