Finding Freedom in Boundaries

My yoga instructor talks a lot about finding freedom with boundaries. I’ve found this theme running through several parts of my life lately.

An example she gives is drinking. If you have no boundaries, and get S&%tfaced at a party, there’s really no freedom in that. It’s no fun to have your head in a toilet. But if you set the boundary of only enjoying one or two drinks, then you have the freedom to have fun all night with your friends.

In yoga, you have the choice to bind your poses. I found the following definition that described this better than I can:

Binding in Hatha yoga refers to any action in which one part of the body holds onto another part of the body or when two parts of the body are intertwined. There are many poses that have binding variations.

The bind is a boundary, however, the bind allows you to deepen into a posture and hold the posture for a longer time. You find freedom within this bind.

I’ve found that by adding the “boundary” of no longer eating animal products that I’ve actually found more freedom in the types of foods I eat. I’ve discovered new ways to cook, more variety in my diet, more recipes I enjoy. I’m no longer bored by dinner choices. I’ve discovered new and exciting food items. I can really taste food better than ever. My taste buds are free.





2 thoughts on “Finding Freedom in Boundaries

  1. I second that! It’s amazing how many different things I’ve tried in the past 2 months as opposed to the past several years of vegetarianism. The world as I knew it has completely split open for me in the past way possible 🙂 great tie-in to yoga, btw!

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