What I don’t miss. . .

People are always asking me what kinds of food I miss, now that I am plant-strong/vegan. No one ever asks what I DON’T miss about eating animal products. I find there are a lot more things I don’t miss than do.

1. Browning Meat – I hated browning ground beef. It took so long. You had to be worried about salmonella. and. . .

2. Fat drips – I don’t miss fat drips. Yuck. I never knew what to do with the melted fat. Do I chance it down the drain? Do I put it in a can and throw it away? Then, whenever I put leftover pot roast in the fridge, I’d always have to scrape off the congealed fat. Yuck!

3. Cross contamination – OK, I know it’s possible to still get food poisoning even if you only eat plant foods. However, the risk is greater with meats. Especially raw meat, and eggs. I hated having to constantly wash my hands while cooking. Anytime I would touch some raw animal something, I had to wash my hands for fear of that salmonella virus. or E-coli. eww.

4. Constant dish-washing – I really think we cut down on dishes. I think part of it has to do with No. 3. I’m using less pots and pans to cook in, I don’t have to constantly run the cutting board through the washer (don’t worry, I still clean it between uses).

5. Uncomfortable full feelings – I haven’t felt uncomfortably full since changing the way I eat. It used to happen all the time. It was so easy to overeat because the receptors in my stomach were being fooled. Now, my tummy tells me when I’m full. Thanks tummy.

What else do you NOT miss about eating animal products?


5 thoughts on “What I don’t miss. . .

  1. 1. I don’t miss fishy smells or having to tell myself that it was okay that something smelled fishy.
    2. All raw meat smells gross. I don’t miss the smell of it wafting out every time I open my fridge.
    3. I don’t miss what dairy did to my digestive tract.
    4. I always thought it was chocolate or my cycle that made me break out… nope, it was dairy. I don’t miss having bad skin either.
    5. I thought I missed cheese (and dairy) but it tastes different now. If they accidentally give me dairy milk instead of soy in my coffee, it tastes bitter. Dairy tastes exactly how powdered ampicillin smells (I’m a biochemist… nerd alert!)
    6. I second all of your things you don’t miss, especially worrying about the most famous poop bacteria, E, coli and Salmonella spp. and the less famous fecal contaminant Camplobacter jejuni.
    Thank you for this!

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