Q1 Resolution Check In

So, we are nearing the end of March, which in business speak is the end of Q1 2012. Let’s check in and see how I’m doing with those resolutions:

  1. Eat only vegan/plant strong – I haven’t had ANY meat products in 2012. I wish I could say the same for dairy. I’ve had a few slip-ups, mostly with cupcakes at the office. And in Germany, I can’t be sure that my veggie meals were free of dairy or eggs. I’m going to be strong the rest of the year, and commit to plant strong for the rest of the year.
  2. Pick out our wedding photos for the album – Well, we picked them out. We’ve gone through one edit of our wedding album. I’m awaiting our second album, but I’ve been told that since we “basically asked for a redesign” it will take “a while.” hmmmm, we might be posting about this more in the future.
  3. Procrastinate less – I’ve been super productive in Q1. I’ve blogged more. I’ve cleaned more (sure, I can do better), and I’ve tackled work with new invigoration and resolve.
  4. Learn a new musical instrument – Hmmm, I haven’t dealt with this at all. Need to get on this.
  5. Perform in public – Haven’t done this either. But my big 3-0 is coming up. Karaoke might be involved.
  6. Stop negative self talk – I’ve done OK here, I try to turn negatives into positives.
  7. More positive self talk – See above.
  8. Exercise everyday at least 30 minutes and try for 60 minutes three times a week – Well, I’m doing OK. Dog walks usually account for at least 30, but I need to make an effort to do 30 in addition to dog walks. I AM doing yoga twice a week now, I just need to make sure I’m doing something every day.
  9. Go on an exciting vacation – Well, I just got back from Berlin. It was for work, but still exciting and there was leisure time involved. I’m going to LA for work in April, and Columbus, OH for work in June. D and I are going to St. Simons in April, and I’m sure we’ll fit in a beach trip at some point. So yes, I think I’m doing good on this one.
  10. Spend more time with my nephew – I miss my nephew and his yummy cheeks. My sister, BIL and hubs are doing Financial Peace University weekly. We need to schedule our next class as I’ve been sick and then out of town, and the bonus is I get to see my nephew during these classes too. I love him. He’s the cutest boy ever.
  11. Take River to obedience class – I’ve failed this in Q1. Unless by “obedience” you mean “indulging his every whim.”
  12. Floss more – ummmm, ok, I’ll be better in Q2.
  13. Go back to the dentist – This will happen in Q2.
  14. Drink more water – Ugggg, failure!!
  15. Eat more salads – See above
  16. Pay off my student loans – Almost done.
  17. Complete Dave Ramsey Financial Peace (at home version) with Dallas  – see No. 10.
  18. Take on new challenges at work to continue to develop as a professional – This is going well. I just ran a successful press conference in Berlin. We are two-men down in our department, so I’ve taken on some additional duties (we are getting a new staffer soon though!). I love my job, it’s awesome and the people I work with are amazing. I’m so happy there.
  19. Stop using credit cards – Done. With the exception of pet stuff, which is immediately paid back from the pet fund.
  20. Stick to my budget – Done.
  21. Rediscover my love of running – Ugh, where’s the love?
  22. Participate in another Team in Training event – not yet. This quarter has been busy.
  23. Take a fun class (language, cooking, painting, etc) – does yoga count?
  24. Try more vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants in Atlanta – I’ve fallen in love with Wrecking Bar Brewpub. We went back to parkgrounds today. I heart Cafe Sunflower. We need to try more.
  25. Blog consistently – I think I’ve been doing good on this one.
  26. Include more photos on my blog – I’ve been better. I still can do better.
  27. Attend Vida Vegan Blogger Conference (if they repeat in 2012) or another blogger conference – I don’t know if this will happen this year. But VVC is in Portland in 2013 and Chicago in 2014.
  28. Try stand-up paddle boarding – hmm, If we can get to the beach, this will happen.
  29. Go to a music festival with Dallas – Stay tuned
  30. Take yoga classes – YES! I’ve been taking yoga since Jan. and I’m sticking with it. and I’m getting stronger.

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