Hungry for Change

I watched Hungry for Change the other night. It’s a new documentary by the folks that did Food Matters. You can watch it free online until March 31 if you register on their website. It’s another documentary that focuses on the health aspects of the Standard American Diet.

Overall, I thought it was good and worth the watch. I think it would be more impactful for someone who hasn’t seen Forks Over Knives. But they did have some good statements in the film, particularly about why High Fructose Corn Syrup, white flours, and white sugar are bad for you.

However, I thought the film presented conflicting ideologies about food. For instance, they discuss how bad processed food is for your body, but they don’t discuss a plant-based whole foods diet in detail. They even allude to the fact that meat or fish might be OK as long as it’s in moderation and you are buying organic.

The film makers also don’t really give any clear direction or plan for how an individual can make a change in their diet. They suggest a juice cleanse and consuming chia seeds and aloe vera, but don’t give any examples of how someone could incorporate this into their daily lives.

They also suggest visualization, which I think can actually help someone lose weight, BUT it HAS to be combined with the right diet (diet meaning way-of-life, not fad diet).

Basically, I don’t think they knew if this film should be about weight loss, health, the environment. It was a very mixed message.

I think it’s worth a watch, and judge for yourself. I do want to watch Food Matters again, since it’s been a while.



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