My little “pot” garden

No, I’m not growing weed. I’m growing tomatoes & basil!

I decided that before I start digging up the backyard to make my dream garden, I better start small.

So I took an existing planter, pulled out the old dead plant, put in some new soil and bought some seeds at Pike. I decided tomato and basil could co-exist nicely together. I also bought an already grown tomato plant just in case my seed experiment failed.

I was watering everyday, and then neglected my plants for a couple of days. It was a couple of rainy days though, so when I went outside to check on my plants, I was happy to see that the seeds have started to sprout!!

We’ll see if my baby sprouts turn into beautiful tomato and basil plants. Also, my teenager tomato plant has grown taller, I’m hoping to see tomatoes bursting forth soon!



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