A Kosher Vegan Passover

This week is Passover, a Jewish spring holiday celebrating the Jews freedom from slavery in Egypt (I’m sure you can catch The Ten Commandments on TV sometime this week and get the scoop on Passover from Charlton Heston). It’s also one of my favorite holidays because it involves lots of eating and four mandatory glasses of wine.

We were invited to Seder (the passover feast) at our friend A&B’s house to enjoy a “kosher for Passover” feast with many vegan options. Since I don’t keep kosher, I wasn’t sure what to make/bring to the Seder. I turned to a famous Jewish vegan, Blossom (Mayim Bialik) to tell me what would be appropriate to bring to this special occasion and decided upon a vegan Eggplant Casserole.

Happy to see everyone enjoyed the eggplant!

A had put together an amazing spread too!

We started off with this yummy zucchini soup that I gobbled up before I could get a photo.

A’s mother-in-law brought a colorful salad.

Then we enjoyed some vegan Tzimmes, asparagus, and new potatoes with pesto.


Thanks to A&B for hosting an awesome Seder. Next year in Jerusalem! (or our house maybe 🙂 )



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